Portable Sports Smart Thermal Vacuum Water Bottle

As it keeps heat up to 8 hours, the temperature is always on point, and temperature display on top indicates when it is time to have the first sip. Material of the inner body is food stainless steel, and the strip is that old school top-notch leather with cut lines. This accessory has a decent capacity of 430 ml – however, that is OK for a large ice coffee or chocolate mocha, but too little for a gym session. Also, the bottle is waterproof and can be cleaned in a dishwasher.
Smart Thermal Vacuum Water Bottle

Smart Thermal Vacuum Water Bottle,
430ml capacity + Temperature sensor

The design of this Portable Smart Thermal Water Bottle is a real pleasure to the eye – sleek, harmonious lines and warm pastel colors. The strap adds that Oxford-style zest to the whole bottle. It is easy and pleasant to grip, but make sure that a rather unusually high bottle (22 cm) would fit into most of your bags. In addition, the display of this bottle has a simple pastime game, which may be not so good for those people who watch out for their concentration and productivity. Finally, the cup is sealed well, so one can safely lay it horizontally in a bag or put near to textbooks in a backpack.
Bottom line – this is a qualitative and top-style product for equal money. This Sports Smart Thermal Water Bottle has practically no downsides, given you agree to pay the rather high price. Such a bottle would be a perfect gift both for a fitness babe and a university nerd, as well as for a tech-lover.