Tap Strap Smart Text-Typing Knuckle-Duster

Today, even simple actions can be done by innovative devices. For example, if you don’t like typing text on smartphones, tablets or laptops, there is a new, interesting smart text-typing knuckle-duster gadget called Tap Strap from the company Tap Systems. This smart “knuckle duster” allows its users to write text messages by moving their fingers or hand, on which the gadget is worn.

Tap Strap is fitted with a whole bunch of sensors which collect mechanical data of fingers and a hand. A microprocessor inside the gadget processes this information, transforms it into finger tap combinations and sends it via a Bluetooth radio. The main trick is to learn all these finger moves. For this purpose, Tap Systems created an app called Tap Genius (available for iOS and Android devices). Manufacturers say that 1 hour is quite enough to master this programme using this app.

Smart Text-Typing Knuckle-Duster

Tap Strap works with all Bluetooth-integrated devices supporting HID Keyboard Standard: iOS and Android smartphones or tablets, laptops (both Windows and macOS) and even Smart TVs.

Tap Strap manufacturers say that users will be able to use any surface for typing whether it’s a table, a wall or a floor. Release date or price of Tap Strap are yet to be disclosed by the company.