Smart Square Off Chessboard

Chess is one of the oldest games, known to mankind. In modern era of information technologies this game shifted to screens of mobile devices. There are plenty of different apps for smartphones, tablets and laptop computers where you can select certain modes and try to beat the computer or play against your friend on-line. But the elegance of the real chessboard is irreplaceable.

The same thing came to minds of engineers from InfiVention Tecchnologies. They combined chess with modern technologies and invented an interactive chessboard, called Square Off. It is a real chessboard but the pieces are controlled by a mobile device, whether it’s an iPhone, iPad or any Android smartphone. When you want to make a move, you just do it on the screen of your device and the corresponding piece will move on the board. That is possible due to a twin-axial magnetic manipulator and with ATmega 2560 micro-chip with Bluetooth.

The whole process looks like the ghost is moving the pieces on the board. The device allows you to play against the computer or any opponent in the world. It doesn’t even matter if the other person has a board or not. Square Off also has a training mode and a live streaming mode which lets you watch and even record any match that’s going on in the world.
To support the company and their invention, visit their Kickstarter webpage. We hope that Square Off will be successful because this product is a true innovation.
If you want to learn more about Square Off, check out the video: