Portable Smart Home Smoke Filter Air Purifier

Many different gadgets are available on the market that help us live a healthier lifestyle. One gadget that we have looked at for this review, is an air purifier for your automobile. Joyetech Portable Smart Home Smoke Filter Car Air Purifier with fan speed control to be exact.

This air purifier has a rather interesting and unique design, as it is round in shape. It is of a white color with black accents, that adds to the trendy appearance. In size, it is not too large and not too small, being 19.00 x 18.50 x 10.80 cm. With a weight of only 674 grams, it can easily be placed in your vehicle or removed and brought elsewhere. Package of this Joyetech Smart Air Purifier includes the air purifier itself, a car charger, power charger ( US ), sponge filter screen, and lastly, an instruction paper to let you know more about it and all of its features.


Portable Smart Home Smoke Filter
Car Air Purifier

Turning this air purifier on is easy, since it is done with just one button. One can also use the manual mode on this item. This allows the users to adjust the speed as well, so that the entire experience is unique and just the way they need it to be. The fan is made with quality, which works extremely quiet and does not cause any disturbance.

With the high-density filters installed, all harmful particles get captured inside, so that you only breath the uncontaminated and fresh air. With the automatic mode, one can view what the vapor concentration is like. With a green color, one knows that it is very low, yellow is just low, orange is medium, and red is high concentration. These colors glow up right on the air purifier, so that one is always aware. Working voltage of this purifier is 12V and it is compatible with just about any vehicle out there on the market.

Joyetech Smoke Filter Smart Air purifier is a high recommended item. That is because we all know how polluted the air is, and how vital it is that we do not breath in all of the unneeded particles. With this purifier, you are sure to have cleaner air. Price is reasonable and quality is great.