2-Wheels Smart Self Balancing Scooter with Handle

First, Ninebot miniPRO 10.5 inch 2-wheel Self Balancing Scooter operates really well, and goes smoothly and safely in concern of other pedestrians. Also it swivels easily, so you don’t have to jump around it to catch the stand. In acceleration and stopping test this scooter scored 0 to 16 kmph in 5 seconds, and my personal top of speed was 17 kmph in the street with even pavement. In addition, it not only rides on even surfaces, but also copes with slopes, stairs and uneven ground. Basically, there are really little moments that you will have to step off your scooter.
Ninebot miniPRO Self Balancing Scooter

Smart Self Balancing Scooter with Handle

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It also perfectly fits in escalator stairs and elevators. Actually, at home you can ride this item with your smartphone app as an RC car just for fun, and practically not ruining any furniture. Another effect of smartphone operation – it lets you use the scooter like a drone to deliver things, though this still raises questions around safety and potential mis-use. Additionally, the app lets you “lock” the scooter, after which an alarm will sound if the scooter is moved. Some other features worth mentioning are quite motors and lighting system that allows you to design your own patterns of tap lights.
This mini scooter is pretty convenient to store at home or at your garage, yet at one’s workplace there may be lack of space to fit the handle of this miniPro. The handle is smaller in later versions of mini scooter, like Ninebot Mini Plus. Though, carrying this scooter around may be a problem in metro or public transportation at rush hours, so consider well if you have to use this kinds of transport too.
In essence, Ninebot miniPRO 10.5 inch 2-wheel Self Balancing Scooter looks rather good among it’s siblings and rivals. This may be a pricey transportation tool, which gives you speedy and comfortable moving, eco-friendly transport solution, and easy service as bonuses and difficulty in carrying around and inabilty to use in winter as the main downsides.

Smart Self Balancing Scooter with Handle,
18km/h maximum speed, App remote control,
30km maximum mileage

2-wheels Self Balancing Scooter