Digoo Mini Smart Security Hidden Camera Home Night Video Recorder

Many of us want to know what is really going on in their homes and offices once we are gone. Many people already know about the usual surveillance camera, so they act differently or take extra precautions. However, there are newer and greater items on the market to take care of that. For example, the Digoo Smart Security Hidden Camera Mini Home Night Video Recorder that we review here and want to share with you.

From the first view, most people will just have the impression that it is a regular bed side clock. With that being said, one can easily place it next to their bed, on a table, shelf or any other needed place. However, inside of this clock is a hidden camera. For this reason, the outer panel is made out of specific transparent glass. This way, one will not see the camera, but the camera will see them.

Smart Security Hidden Camera for Home

The camera is 3.6 mm with a 1/4 sensor and a 70 degree viewing angle of the room. This all, with the 720 pixel image resolution provides with a clear and sharp view. It also has a built in microphone and speaker for full detail. Another great feature, is that it has 2 IR LED lights built in. This will provide with night vision and recording of up to 10 meters away. This clock and surveillance camera has a 2600 ma 18650 battery slot on the back panel, that is not included but is highly recommended to have. The clock also works great from the 2 meter long power cable. The back panel also includes a slot for a 64 GB TF card that will store all of the recordings. To add to all that, the recordings and live view can all be accessed through the LIZVIE app for mobile devices.

This Digoo wireless smart hidden camera and watch is a fantastic item out on the market. It is not only a great accessory for any interior, it also provides with the time and full coverage on what is going around. This item is a surveillance camera of the future! We recommend that you give it a try.

Digoo Home Night Video Recorder