Smart Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Home Сleaning Robot with Duster

tu 1TUOPODA SK - 7 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner
This robot doesn’t take up much space, being only 9 cm high and 35 cm in length and width, yet do not that it should be stored with a charging station, which is a separate cone with dustbin and several indicators and buttons. Another marker of comfort worth mentioning is the level of noise measured in decibel (dB). When the Tuopoda vac is powered on and working, it gives out 50 dB. To compare, an old-fashioned vac gives out 80 db, and the sound of conversation is 40 to 60 db. The time of work is 150 minutes – approximately 3 decent cleanings.
Robotic Cleaner

TUOPODA SK – 7 Smart Robotic Vacuum Cleaner
Home Cleaning Robot with Duster

For safe and proper floor cleaning this robot has an orientation sensor. The orientation infrared sensor helps the robot move through the room without bumping into objects and clean more efficiently. When the obstacles are detected, the cleaner will lower the speed and go a different way. A stroke of good engineering is robot’s ability to climb up to 15 degree slopes. Another peculiarity this model boosts is anti-dropping option. When the edges are close, the vac turns back to avoid falling.
Before purchasing do note, that this item only has the US Plug Adapter. It also doesn’t have virtual wall and a water container. In the package you would receive the vacuum cleaner itself, an electric duster, a charging dock, a remote controller, a suction mouth, 2 side brushes, one dustbin, a mopping mat, and one plug adapter.