Aosder Mopping Cleaning Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuum cleaner seems like a very ordinary appliance that everybody has in their houses. Of course, vacuum cleaning requires a bit of manual labour but it’s not very hard. However, as technologies are everywhere today, it’s easy to find a hi-tech vacuum cleaner which does all the cleaning by itself. In fact, there is a great device for that – it’s Aosder FR-Beetle Mopping and Cleaning Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner. Here’s a review.

Aosder FR-Beetle is a smart robot vacuum cleaner which is totally “independent”. The device is rounded and quite low, so it doesn’t really create any inconveniences. The biggest advantage of this device, though, is its functionality. Aosder FR-Beetle cleans different surfaces efficiently without leaving any spots untouched. With UV light, it can get rid of mites while the mopping function can also mop the floor.

Cleaning Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Aosder FR-Beetle is very family friendly. Along with cleaning abilities, the device has an anti-collision and anti-drop design, so it won’t damage you or your furniture. Besides, unlike other regular vacuum cleaners, this one doesn’t make much noise. With only 60dB, you won’t bothered by this device when it’s working.

Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Apart from that, Aosder FR-Beetle is surely intelligent. If there are any restricted areas in your house, the robot won’t reach them. Actually, it follows the programmed route ideally avoiding all obstacles. For that, the device is fitted with a SUV chassis with rubber wheel – it climbs up to 2cm to go past small obstacles.
Another smart feature is automatic recharging – Aosder FR-Beetle goes back to the charging base the minute its battery runs low.

Although the cleaner runs mostly by itself, the user still controls some features. With a remote controller, you can choose the direction of movement, cleaning mode or set up a cleaning schedule for your personal robot cleaner. At the required time, Aosder FR-Beetle starts cleaning on its own even if you’re not at home.

Mopping and Cleaning Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner