Large Capacity Smart Portable Car Refrigerator

This car refrigerator is offered in a light gray color, with a darker gray lid. Such color combination is neutral and is sure to fit in with just about any interior of your automobile. The size of this item is 55.00 x 30.00 x 39.40 cm, with a weight of 12 kilograms and 500 grams. This makes it rather larger enough for everything. Capacity of this car refrigerator is 55 liters. Material of this refrigerator is PP plus PE, making it durable and long lasting.
20P Portable Car Refrigerator

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Drinks and food will quickly cool down in this freezer. It has a setting temperature ranger of -22 to 10 degrees in Celsius, depending on what you set it to. This mini portable car refrigerator can work perfectly with DC 12V/24V or under AC120-240V with an additional adapter.
When working in the car, it is extremely quiet and will not provide with any distraction to you or other passengers, which is a great feature. Below the lid, there is a small screen which will display the temperature. There are also four buttons for quick and easy controlling of this portable car refrigerator. The lid opens upward, for full convenience. It is easy to reach into the refrigerator to grab your need food or beverage item. The top of the lid can even be used as a surface to eat on or place your food and beverages. There are two circular sections for placing your cups into and a separate flatter one.
This mini portable car refrigerator is a great item for those who are constantly on the go, taking different road trips. Price of it is more on the higher end, but definitely worth it. Bring your attention to this high quality item, if you are in search of something similar.

Large Capacity 55L Smart Portable
Fast Cooling Car Refrigerator

Smart Car Refrigerator