iOS and Android App Control Bluetooth Smart Ukulele

Usually, learning to play a musical instrument requires hiring a teacher or using some programmes in the Internet. However, modern technologies can help even here. PopuBand Music released a smart ukulele, called Populele U1.
Ukulele is a smaller version of a guitar with four strings. People say that it’s quite easy to learn to play it but Populele makes the learning process even simpler and much faster. On the outside, the device looks like a regular ukulele. In reality, this is a smart gadget that is connected via Bluetooth to a smartphone.

Populele Smart Ukulele + Accessory Kit, LED Fretboard,
Bluetooth Connection, App for iOS and Android, Game Mode

App Control Bluetooth Smart Ukulele

Populele is a perfect item for beginners. It makes the hardest part of playing any string instrument – learning chords – incredibly easy. The whole fret board is fitted LEDs which light up when a certain chord needs to played. With the smartphone app, users can choose a chord they want to learn or repeat, tap on the screen and corresponding LEDs on Populele will come one, so you’ll know where to put your fingers. People, who have already tested the device, said that this LED technology makes learning interactive, comprehensible and more visual.