Smart Lightbulb Security Camera Protects Your House

Security cameras are often very expensive to install and once they are there, they are also very obvious. With technologies developing and coming out with simpler and cheaper alternatives for home security, home security systems have become considerably more affordable. One such product, which is currently still a funding project on Indiegogo, called LightCam is a smart light bulb and a security camera all in one.

Being a smart product, it comes with multiple features both as the light bulb and a security camera. As a light bulb it is very easy to set up, it is compatible with any light enclosure with just a twist and it is all set up. You can also use the app that comes with it to switch its lights on and off, as well as set the time for it to turn on and off automatically. However, if you are worried that it will cost a lot of power you shouldn’t, because it is made out of highly efficient COB LEDs.

As security camera it comes with a lot of attractive features. With smart motion censors, it will alert you through its app if any suspicious activity is taking place near it. It is also fully adjustable so it can take on any angle that you want it to look after. Being a security camera it is important to a have crisp video feed and night vision, which this camera has. With its 1080p, wide-angle video, and 25 feet night vision, it will surely have clear footage to show you.