Smart LED Light Backpack Brings Safety on the Road

Backpacks are universal items that are used by people of all ages for travelling with, for school, business and much more. These days, backpacks are more thought through with their designs and comfortability. For this review, we took the Smart Wireless Waterproof LED Light Backpack which brings safety on the road, to allow you to be more acquainted with it and the many options that you have.

This Wireless Waterproof Smart LED Light backpack is one that comes in a bright color combination of yellow green with black. With its bold color, and other features that we will share about further in the review, makes it safe to use in all parts of the day.

LED Light Backpack for road

The backpack itself is made out of Nylon material, that is not only soft and comfortable, but is also durable, being waterproof. No weather condition will damage your items! In size, this backpack is just about 36.00 x 21.00 x 12.00 cm with the weight being 400 grams. Being so lightweight, the backpack itself will not bring any pain or strain onto your back. Different compartments are provided, making it possible to fit in all of your items, keep them close by and organized.

Wireless control Safety Backpack

One of the most unique features of this backpack, that we want to bring your attention to, is that it has 48 LED lights. The lights can be switched between green-red or yellow-red combinations, depending on what you like. The LED lights are powered by an 850mAh battery that is installed. The battery is fully rechargeable and can be quickly done with a Mini USB charger.
A remote controller is even included, that is powered by two CR2032 batteries and allows you to quickly switch the color or turn it on/off. The entire backpack itself is extremely comfortable with different adjustable straps and a breathable net.

LED Light Backpack side

This Smart LED Light Waterproof Backpack is a great item for children and even adults, especially those who tend to be out quite late. This backpack makes the user visible and safe. To add to that, it is exceptionally comfy, spacious, durable and overall a great item. Such a backpack is unique, and should be taken a look at.

Smart Wireless LED Light Waterproof Backpack
Brings Safety on the Road
10L capacity + 48 LED lights

LED Light Backpack front