Smart LED Table Light Cool White Desk Lamp

Table lamps not only provide with the needed amount of light for working, and protect one’s eyes, they also serve as an interior décor and add a certain vibe to the atmosphere. There are many different lamps on the market, from all types of different brands. Some are more pricy, others are more affordable and all have different characteristics. In this review, we have taken a look at the Smart LED Table Light Cool White 5W LED Desk Lamp that is stylish and will be great for home or office and just about anyone.

This table lamp has a unique design and is of a brown color. This might not be for everyone, but those who have purchased it have not regretted it. Leather type material of this lamp, adds a luxurious look and feeling, as well as it is very soft. The size of this lamp is 11.81 x 7.48 x 2.76 inches, and it has a weight of 900 grams. The neck of the lamp is flexible and makes it possible to move it the way that one needs to. Positioning it helps every person find the individual need of how they want the light to be distributed. For example, if the light is too bright, one can easily move the neck a little away from them, or if more light is needed, then they can twist it towards them.

LED Table Light

As well as that, it has three different modes with different brightness, for work, reading and relaxation. Each one is made to help protect the eyes in that current situation. The color temperature of this lamp is 6500K with a cold white color. The bottom of the lamp has an LCD display, that shows the temperature, the time and date, and has an alarm clock. If one is not using the lamp light, then they can easily turn it off, and still use the lcd display for the different information.

This stylish table lamp is a convenient item, being both a source of light and an alarm clock with temperature data as well. The price of it is affordable and it has a very trendy look. If you or a close one is in need of a high quality desk lamp, than be sure to bring your attention to it.

5W LED Table Light

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