Where to Find Real Smart Interactive Wireless Earbuds?

High quality sound in our ears of our favorite tunes and audiobooks is a must. In order to achieve so, high quality earphones are surely needed. The TicPods Free: an interactive set of wireless earbuds, is an noisy cancelling in-ear earphones that some might want to bring their attention to.

These earbuds are Truly Wireless, with a battery installed, that provides up to 18 hours of playing time. The design itself is made in a way to be comfortable to wear, and provides with great isolation and noise cancellation.

Controlling the sound is easy, with the touch controls. One just needs to slide their finger up or down for adjusting the sound, double tap to answer or end a call and long press to activate the voice assistant, or reject the call. In-ear detection, is also a great feature, that will pause your music when you remove one earbud, and will resume when it is placed back in.

Interactive Wireless Earbuds

Bluetooth 4.2 makes it easy to connect them to a mobile device or any other gadget for easy access to all of your media. IPX5 waterproof grade, makes the TicPods Free great for usage in any weather condition. As well as that, they sync greatly for movie watching and game playing, what most of us love to do.

TicPods Free are a high quality, unique pair of earbuds, providing with great sound, design and experience. They are offered on the Indiegogo platform, and are gaining popularity. Bring your attention to this item! Take a look an official video.