Smart Ink that Changes Colour when You’re Sick

Today, we have a lot of gadgets that can tell us various information about our health. Usually, these are wearables, like fitness trackers or smartwatches. This, of course, means that you have to wear them all the time and occasionally charge them. But we may soon have a hi-tech solution to this problem – scientists from Harvard and MIT invented bio-sensitive ink which can change colour if a person has some health issues.

Obviously, the ink has to be applied on the person’s body, so in a way, this is a very advanced tattoo. This smart ink consists of an interesting material which reacts to variations of intercellular fluid in our bodies. For example, this highly “sensitive” tattoo starts glowing brightly if there’s too much sodium in the organism signalling a person about possible dehydration. Apart from that, the colour changes from green to brown depending on the blood glucose level.

A tattoo that monitors your medical conditions can be made either permanently or temporarily (for the duration of one’s treatment). If necessary, they can be almost invisible. With this tattoo, people can control their health be aware of any changes at all times.