Smart Home Gadget Mycroft Mark II Open Voice Assistant

Voice technology has recently become popular. More and more new developments are emerging in this area. One of them is Mycroft Mark II Smart Home Open Voice Assistant Gadget, which is an improved version of Mycroft I.

This Smart Home Gadget with friendly design and many handy functions. It will wake you up in the morning, play your favorite music, tell you the weather, time, your scheduled meetings or appointments and even will help you with different types of information. It is able to set multiple timers, give answers, and start multiple systems in your home with a single voice comment: things like speed test, lights, launch apps.

Smart Home Voice assistant Gadget

Besides it is totally oriented toward consumers and respects their privacy. The open software insures that private information stays private, it is transparent in terms of data processing and can be customized.

Mycroft Mark II also has additional important features such as active noise cancellation, beam forming, array microphones, and a bright screen to display the information.

There are 6 individual microphones used for the mic system which allows Mycroft Mar II to hear you even from a distance and over playing music. The improved speaker will make music; podcasts or other audios sound great. And there are more than 140 skills built in including everything like music tracks list, shopping list, calendar, conversions and even telling jokes.

Mycroft Mark II, the one of the latest project on Kickstarter is a hands-free smart speaker which can handle all the life details by voice.