Wireless App Control Smart Home Digital Thermostat

The package includes the digital thermostat and an outdoor sensor for installment. In size, the thermostat is just 8.50 X 8.50 X 4.50 cm with a weight of only 141 grams. Such dimensions are rather compact, making it easy to fit in any corner or other needed location. Shell of the device is made out of durable PC and ABS material, that is fully fireproof in case of an unforeseen disaster. Surely there is also an IP30 protection glass installed.

Main Features:

    • Power supply: 95 – 240 VAC, 50 – 60Hz 
    • Current load: 3A (water heating / water boiler/ gas boiler); 16A (electric heating)
    • less than 1.5W power consumption
    • Sensor: NTC3950, 10K
    • Accuracy : ± 0.5 Deg.C or ± 1 Deg.F
    • Set temp. range: 5 – 35 Deg.C
    • Ambient humidity: 5 – 95 percent RH
    • Storage temp.: – 5 – 45 Deg.C
    • Installation box: 86mm square or European 60mm round box
    • Wire terminals: wire 2 x 1.5 sq.m or 1 x 2.5 sq.m
    • IP30 Glass protection
  • Touch buttons

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Houzetek Smart Home Digital Thermostat is made in a way to be compatible with different sources such as electric underfloor heating, baseboard heaters, heating films, wall heaters, thermal, motorized, or solenoid valves. After installation, set the schedule of heating, or chose the right temperature for yourself with the 7-day flexible scheduling energy-saving control. You can even set the timer for the needed amount of time! Such a feature is sure to cut your heating bills!
With all that being said, we are all also big users of our mobile devices, but this item can be controlled with the APP. Connect both of the devices via WiFi, and you are set to go with easy changes at the palm of your hand.
Most importantly, all of this is truly safe! Dual temperature sensors, for the air and floor heating, is made to calculate properly, and if the floors reach an abnormal temperature, your heating system will shut off. All accessories and the easy to use display screen, are made to last you for many years of usage.
Invest in the Houzetek BHT-7000W Digital Electronic Wireless Smart Home Thermostat for easy controlling and setting of a comfortable living environment. Best price, high quality, safe and convenient are already great reason to take a look at it.

Houzetek 7000W Digital Smart Home Thermostat

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