Smart Hair Brush from Nokia Withings and L’Oreal

Today, a lot of various everyday items become “smart” or smartphone-integrated, in simpler words. One of such items is a regular hair brush which also became intelligent. The company Withings, owned by Nokia, in cooperation with L’Oreal created a smart hair brush which is equipped with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections to mobile devices.

The device is called Hair Coach. However ridiculous it sounds, this gadget can teach anyone how to brush hair correctly. The product is fitted with loads of various sensors and detectors. It has a built-in microphone for “hearing” hair-brushing patterns, an accelerometer, a gyroscope, transducers for measuring applied pressure, conductivity and commodity sensors, and so on.

Smart Hair Brush from Withings and L’Oreal

Obviously, every detail and measurement is synced with a smartphone and displayed in the app, called Hair Health (available for iOS and Android devices). The app shows the user different characteristics of his or her hair, like tangling or dryness, and rates them from low to medium and high. It detects any signs of damage or breakage and gives the user a “diagnosis”, depending on how much time is spent with the brush. For example, if anyone uses Hair Coach too long, it can say that hair is unruly. The app can also advise the owner any products that could help make “the hair situation” better. By the way, this smart gadget is powered by regular AA batteries which, of course, last for a pretty long time – 6 months.

The idea of Hair Coach is quite peculiar. It may be appealing to people who are crazy about style and like to change haircuts often. The gadget will start shipping in mid-2017 for about $200.