Smart Gadget that Helps to Relax Your Body

Two years ago, the company Thync released a wearable gadget Vibes that is attached to the user’s head. The device could make the user feel better and raise his (or her) mood, using micro-electric impulses. Now, Thync has a new mobile accessory which is called Relax Pro.

This one is a bit similar but it has more advanced technologies inside. A user has to attach the gadget to the lower neck. After that, it sends the same micro-electric impulses all over the user’s body. That helps people relax faster, get rid of stress and make sleep quality much better. The manufacturer decided to focus solely on tension relieving functions, as users didn’t really like concentration and energy increasing features in the previous gadget.

Smart Gadget that Helps to Relaxation

There are 2 modes that Relax Pro works in: Thync Deep Relax and Thync Deep Sleep. The names speak for themselves: the former, obviously, promotes better relaxation, while the latter helps you fall asleep faster to have a good-night sleep. The control of the gadget is done with the accompanying app, available for iOS and Android devices.

Thync Relax Pro can be bought for $150 but users will have to pay extra $30 every month for accessing the app. Plus, new electrodes have to be purchased as well. Still, this is an excellent way to relax after a long day of work.