Smart Gadget That Perfectly Controls Everything in Your Home

Is your home a cluttered mess? Do you have trouble managing your daily routine, like finding the remote for the TV or turning on lights and the oven? Do you ever feel uneasy when you walk through your home because nothing is where it should be? If so, Flic Twist may be able to help.

This is a wireless dongle that plugs into your smart devices, allowing you to control everything from one place. With just one twist of the dial, you can turn on lights, change the temperature in your oven, window blinds, routines, connected speakers or even send a message to someone using this app-enabled gadget. 

Flic Twist has a bit of a twist: it can also open your garage door or turn on your coffee maker and even perform a task like ordering pizza. With its unique design and capabilities, this smart gadget is the perfect tool for anyone looking to create the ideal smart home, and it can be used to control everything from your coffee maker to your TV. But what makes this device so special?

Flic Twist Smart Home device

How to use Flic Twist?

This smart device will give you the ability to create an ideal smart home, where everything is automated and systems respond to your every wish. It provides a customizable experience that is sure to please everyone in your home.

Flic Twist is a powerful tool with a sleek, simple design, which makes it an extremely versatile device. This Smart Home gadget uses Bluetooth to pair with any smart devices you have in your home. With the Flic app, it’s easy for you to control your home from just about anywhere in the world with just one twist of the dial.

The best part? It’s compatible with all kinds of smart devices, so you’ll never have trouble using this gadget. You can do anything from turning off lights when you leave the house to heating up your pie right in time for dessert!

Who is this gadget for?

Flic Twist has a variety of features that are meant to simplify your life. This smart gadget integrates with your existing devices and makes them more efficient. And it is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. The possibilities are endless when you own this innovative gadget. Anything is possible with just one twist of the dial!

Flic Twist is the wireless dial for your smart home. It is a small, lightweight, battery-powered gadget that can be placed anywhere in your home. Flic Twist is an easy to use Smart home device that lets you control all your smart devices using one single touch.

Whether you are at home or traveling, it allows you to control your lights, music, blinds, coffee maker, air conditioner, curtains, kitchen appliances or anything else connected to the internet with a single touch of a button. Flic Twist is for anyone who uses smart devices in their home.