Smart Home Gadget Making Mineral Water

Drinking clean water every day is extremely useful for health. Unfortunately, clean water doesn’t flow everywhere. A new smart gadget might come in handy here – it’s called Mitte and it’s an intelligent water filter.

The filter uses several steps of filtration for regular tap water. The technology is based on distillation and it’s patented. As a result, all harmful substances and contaminants are successfully filtered. Instead, the device “enriches” the water with minerals and nutrients, so that even tap water actually becomes healthy. The properties of water can be changed by using different cartridges – you can choose average balanced water, mineral water or water with higher acid-alkaline balance.

Smart Gadget - How to Making Mineral Water

In addition, Mitte comes with its own smartphone app. The app monitors water quality and mineral content in the cartridges. Also, users can choose the water volume for the filter or adjust the temperature for making tea or coffee using the filter as a kettle. In addition, the app collects information about water cleanness from different users around the world to find out the how good or bad water quality really is.

The Mitte water filter has been successfully launched on Kickstarter – it already raised the necessary amount of money. The device is currently available for pre-order for $330.