Smart Gadget for Your Home or Office Trashcan

Recall how many times you’ve opened a trashcan, and a shoe cabinet and were hit by a strong, unpleasant odor. You’ve possibly tried getting rid of the smell with baking soda, but after a while the smell comes back and you are stuck with getting the smell out again. Have you thought maybe there was something out there that can get the strong odors out more efficiently?

Smart Gadget for Your Home or Office Trashcan, the Ventifresh, an odor eliminator device that is more efficient than any baking soda you’ve ever used. Inspired by NASA’s similar technology used in space, it freshens the air by breaking down odor molecules and produces fresh air. Its small and compact size can be used in lockers, litter boxes, trashcans and other small, enclosed spaces.

You might think that such a device might use chemicals to clear air, is hard to maintain and will consume a lot if energy since it powers constantly. But it’s not like that at all; one of its main features is that it is chemical free. It uses green technology to reduce bad odor molecules, which means its eco-friendly. It is also extremely easy to maintain, not requiring any filters it powers entirely on electricity. With its built in energy efficiency, it uses maximum of 3 watt per hour. You may check out more about Ventifresh Smart Home Gadget on Indiegogo (image source). Some of its other features include a smart on/off, with its build in light sensor it will switch on and off automatically.