Cosmo Connected Smart Gadget for Cyclists

Any cyclist or biker knows that it’s dangerous to ride a bike at night because other drivers might not see you in the dark. That’s why it’s important to have special lights to be visible on the road. One of such gadgets has just been launched in Kickstarter.

Smart gadget for cycling

The company Cosmo Connected created a safety accessory with the same name for bicycle and motorcycle enthusiasts. Cosmo Connected is a light which is attached to the rear side of the user’s helmet. The gadget is held securely due to powerful magnets and shines every time the user brakes. The light is bright red which makes it very distinctive even at night.

But this isn’t the only purpose of Cosmo Connected. The gadget comes with a smartphone app (available for iOS and Android) which comes in handy in emergency situations. If the user has an accident, the operator tries to call him immediately via the app. If there’s no answer, the location coordinates are sent to emergency contacts and rescue services. Therefore, this accessory might also be useful for the activities, like snowboarding, skiing and even hiking and rock-climbing.
Cosmo Connected can be pre-ordered on Kickstarter for €99.