Smart Electric Counter – New Innovative Smart Home Gadget

Smart gadgets are filling our homes more and more. What’s more, some of them not only simplify our life but also save us money. An example of that has just been launched – it’s a new Innovative Smart Home Gadget smart energy tracker called Glow and here’s a short review.

This smart gadget sends all energy readings to a smartphone, clearly showing the level of energy consumption and counting how much to pay for a month. That way, users can plan their power usage to minimize it and spend less on electric bills.

Innovative Smart Home Gadget

The gadget consists of two parts: a special sensor and a control center. The first part is a magnetoresistive electricity sensor which is attached to the switchboard near a normal meter. The central Glow device looks like a small vase with a glowing top. It illuminates with various colors, from green to bright red indicating the level of energy consumption. Also, this device is connected to the home Wi-Fi.

To know exactly how much electricity has been consumed, you need to download a mobile app to a smartphone. The program allows monitoring which home appliances “eat” the most energy. As mentioned before, the app contains the most valuable information – how much energy spent and how much you need to pay.

Glow smart energy tracker is available for pre-order for $149. First shipments will start in the next year.