Wireless IP Smart DoorCam Home Video Doorbell

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IPC095 IP Cam Video Doorbell
This IPC095 wireless alarm doorbell also has great night vision for the darker parts of the day. 4 IR LED lights are included, where images still turn out clear, at a distance of 5 meters. Linux operating system with Hi3518E V200 processor, makes this doorcam smooth in running, with no crashes and freezes.
It also supports a micro SD card up to 128 GB, that can store all images and videos for later viewing. A smart alarm detect motion, and will then send an alarm notification to you. WiFi connect this camera to the app that can be downloaded onto your mobile device. With that being said, one can view who is outside their door straight from their smartphone. More detailed, when someone is outside your door, the camera will take a quick picture and right away send it to your phone. Two way audio also makes it easy to contact that person, without needing to open the door.
IPC095 Smart Home Doorcam Wireless Alarm Doorbell is an item that is made for your convenience and safety. One can easily view and contact that person. Price is affordable, and the quality is high, overall a great gadget.

IPC095 Wireless Alarm IP DoorCam Smart Home Video Doorbell

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