Smart Dimmable LED Floor Lamp With Remote Control

One of the first things that captures the attention of many right away, is the design. It is available in either a black or white color, depending on your preference and interior. It is made out of ABS, steel and silica gel material, which makes it long lasting and strong. However, the hose of the lamp is flexible. This is one of the most favorite features, since it can be adjusted in just about any wanted way. One can bend it down for more closer light, others can place it straight forward, or twist it into a desired shaped.
Smart Dimmable LED Floor Lamp
In addition to all that, this Utorch U19A lamp has 25 different kinds of lighting features. Users can adjust the color temperature anywhere from 3000K to 6500K, with 5 different levels, as well as the intensity of the light starting from 20 percent and up to 100 percent. There are 5 different levels of brightness on this lamp.
The head of the lamp itself, has 60 LED beads, that provide with enough light for an area of about 10 to 15 square meters. Circuit on this lamp is extremely stable, where there are no flashes and flickers. For those who enjoy having any sort of light at night, this lamp has a night mode. With that, the light is soft and gentle for the eyes.
A timer can also be set for 1 or 10 minutes, so that the lamp turns off automatically. The remote controller that is included in the package, has many different features that make it even easier to regulate the lamp. With the help of it, one can easily turn it on or off, as well as regulate the rest of the settings without needing to stand up.
This Utorch RC Smart Dimmable LED Floor Lamp is an item that is definitely worth its price. It is bright, convenient, flexible and overall enjoyable.

Utorch Smart Dimmable LED Floor Lamp
with Remote control function

Smart Dimmable LED Floor Lamp