Smart Devices You’ve Seen in Movies: Drones and Robots

Have you ever imagined having a robot serving your coffee or a drone flying outside and monitoring your territory from burglars? Meet the future with 4Prototypes where you can choose some of those electronic devices you’ve only seen in sci-fi movies before!

Camera drones: new super cool inventions to enjoy!

If you enjoy filming beautiful videos of nature of urban views, a camera drone is the best solution you can choose. These innovative products will make the process of filming quick and easy. The most popular among smart drones is the Parrot. He allows to record high definition videos connected through wifi or Bluetooth to your phone or tablet. This smart device can fly high in the air for about 30 minutes and you can control it via your gadgets such as tablet or smartphone. The drone can capture 1080p photos using 14mp camera.

Find required hi-tech devices simply and handily at 4Prototypes including exclusive innovative drones and robots and use your smartphone as a controller. Robotic technology has been introduced to audience just recently and already earned love and dedication from customers all around the world. At our site you can find a cute automation dog robot that you can adopt and fill your life with even more joy. Dog robots were designed to bring comfort, companionship and fun to lonely or elderly people who need more attention and someone not so difficult to take care of. They contain artificial intelligence algorithms, so dogs can react on hand gestures as well as special commands from your wearable smart band.

Another wonderful gadget is humanoid Lynx Alexa Amazon robot with face recognition. Amazon has added their Alexa personal assistant technology to another level, enabling the Lynx robot to now connect and use Amazon’s cloud-based assistant. The robot is equipped with different features including a surveillance mode in the compatible application which is capable of capturing 1/32 videos. Once the video has been captured, the small robot will then send the video directly to your smartphone allowing you to know exactly what the robot has seen. And also, Alexa powered smart home robot include Avatar mode: you can see and speak through the gadget! More updates and exciting features are coming in the near future, so stay tuned not to miss another outstanding experience.

Home security and modern technology

Apart from drones and robots 4Prototypes has much more to see and wonder. For example, it’s Amazon Alexa smart security system which guards your house from burglars and unwanted guests. Its services include voice control of many smart devices, connections with your tablet and smartphone, built-in hub for effortless set up of many smart home systems and devices. The list goes on, just enter the site and choose whatever you need to feel comfortable in your new hi-tech modernized home.

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