Smart Remote Control Warded Detachable Door Lock

This WAFU HF – 010 Smart Warded Door Lock adopts the American microchip technology and the micro scroll password working principle to ensure full security and convenience with its remote control. The smart lock is installed inside the room, so it is invisible from the outside. The included remote key can lock and unlock the device from distance of 20 meters. When you are indoors you can conveniently lock the door by pressing lock button. In case of emergency, you can always unlock it from the inside by pressing the unlock button.
The Tiger Mouth featuring the prying-resistant, anti-pulling and clog-proof functions ensure that you can never open the door by applying heavy pressure. Finally, you do not have to worry about losing you key. If that is the case, you can always reset your password by registering the new remote control to make the old key out of work.

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Smart Remote Control Door Lock

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The gadget is also featured by two power supply methods and low battery alarm to ensure long operating hours and timely charging. It is powered by 2 AAA batteries (not included in the package) which can last 6 months. Additionally, when the power is low, the lock will alarm you to change the battery. However, after that the door lock can be normally used for 1 month. To prevent power outage, the device can also connect to the AC. The remote key is powered by a button battery which you have to purchase yourself.
The lock is also featured by detachable metal base which makes it makes it firm and stable. The device comes with 4 remote control keys in case you lose a lot of them.
This smart lock will protect your personal space and ensure safety. You can mount it anywhere: at home or in your office. You can always be sure that your personal items are protected.

Smart Remote Control Warded Detachable Door Lock

WAFU HF - 010 Smart Warded Door Lock