Smart Cubic Classic Puzzle With App Helps to Complete

We have all tried to solve, and know how complicated it really is, to get the classic Rubik’s cube done. Well the classic puzzle game, has been brought to a whole new level. The one of a kind is the GoCube. This GoCube is made in a way, to have smart sensors, Bluetooth 5.0 connection, embedded IMU, low power use and light indicators. Download the GoCube App onto your mobile device, and it opens up plenty of additional options.

First of all, it will allow you to see every move of on your device. Together with the app, the user can learn to solve it on different levels. After that, become more advanced and improve all of your skills. Once you feel confident enough, the app will connect you to other players, and you can enter the battle mode. The app will connect you only with other players of your level, for a fun and fair game.

GoCube Smart Cubic Classic Puzzle

Throughout it all, there is a stopwatch, that will calculate your time. Best of all, this GoCube is made in a way to have fast and smooth mechanisms, so the cube does not get stuck like the previous classic version has done. The charging stand is made to quickly power up your cube, and when you are using it, you can place your smartphone on it. This GoCube is a great and fun item for people of different ages. It will be an update for many from the previous classic version that we all love. Currently, it is offered on the kickstarter platform. Make sure to take a look!