Coeus Automatic Easy Cooker – Smart Cooking Gadget

Tonight we are analyzing a smart kitchen asset – Coeus Automatic Easy Cooker – Smart Cooking Gadget, which features stir-fry, deep-fry, steam, braise, stew, and roast functions. The pot and the frying pan are made of 5-layers non-scratch ceramics, and has specs of aerobic cooking and smart heat dissipation.

The gadget weighs about 5 kilos, and measures 348mm, 275mm, 245mm. Speaking of the design, this kitchen helper looks pretty elaborate and impressive, with stainless steel detail. Don’t expect it to blend in with the walls, but the look of the cooker is rather captivating. The capacity of the bowl is 3.3 liters, that is rather too little for a whole family – you won’t be able to cook really a lot of soup or stew for 3-5 people in advance. Though, this volume is right the real thing for couples with no children or single people.

Keep in mind, that the manufacturer warns not to use metal, plastic or rubber spatulas. Also, do not touch pot cover when using it, and wipe it with clean wet towel after use. No scratchy sponges!

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What I really enjoy is the fact it really gives out almost no smoke – therefore you are free from smelly home clothes, naughty odor all around the house and stains on the kitchen surfaces. The operation is easy – you switch the cooker on, put in raw products and set the mode and time. Even though the description one can be free until the machine finishes the program, and it has and it has an automatic mixing spatula inside, you do need to make a few check ups while cooking to additionally mix the dish, add some water or shorten cooking time. Just in case, don’t be mislead by the promise on the box. Also keep in mind that there is double heat distribution – the steams comes out from the vents on the base of the machine and from a special cup on top. Hence, don’t place the cook next to things or surfaces that can be easily damaged by the vapor.

In sum, these Chinese cooker would make a good investment into a household if your family is really about Unless you are a laborious cook with lots of professional needs, this pot can cook basically anything.