Smart Coffee Maker for Home and Office

A hot cup of your beloved coffee is something we all dream of in the morning and throughout our busy days. What would be of great help and at the same time will provide us with tasty coffee, is a quality machine. In this review, we will observe all features of Xiaomi Energy-saving coffee making machine Automatic Capsule Smart Coffee Maker for Home and Office.

This coffee machine has a very simple but fine-looking design. It is offered on the market in basic colors, that are suitable for just about any kitchen interior. In size, this coffee machine is just 264mm by 346mm, with a weight of 3 kg and 200 gr.

With this coffee maker, users will be provided with easy and simple operation. The top of the machine has a gear, that allows one to choose the concentration, American, or hot water mode. Rotate the gear to the needed mode, press on the power button and your coffee will be ready in just a minute. As well as that, there is a separate hot water function, allowing you to boil yourself your favorite cup of tea, without making coffee.

It also has two coffee modes, which include Italian espresso and American coffee. You can also adjust the temperature, for those who prefer hotter or cooler. Concentration can also be changed.

The water tank capacity of this machine is 580 ml, and when the water tank is running low on water, a reminder is sent to the user. If the machine is not being used for 10 minutes, it will automatically turn off, which will help save energy.

Pump pressure of this automatic coffee machine is 19 bars. This coffee machine is compatible with different capsule for inserting and easy brewing of your loved beverage. It is compatible in countries with 220-240V voltage.

This Smart Automatic Capsule Coffee Machine will be loved by all coffee drinkers. It will provide tasty coffee in just a minute. Always have a cup, even when you are in a hurry! It is powerful, convenient, durable, and best of all, offered for a great price! Bring your attention to it.

Xiaomi Automatic Capsule Smart Coffee Machine
for Home and Office

Tasty coffee in just a minute