Smart Gadget Shows Car Tire Pressure Status on Your Phone

Xiaomi 70 mai TPMS Tire Pressure monitor will display up-to-date information regarding your car wheels allowing you to save the situation if needed. The gadget will measure pressure of the tires of your car and display it on your phone. The only thing you need to do is to install special devices on your wheel. The smart gadget provides dependable and accurate real-time tire pressure info and includes built-in alert settings that help minimize your costs and safeguard your investment.

The rest of this amazing gadget will do itself. The gadget is accurate to 0.1 Bar which is quite impressive. The sensors are durable and will serve you long even in most severe conditions. They can be either charged via USB or solar power. The battery of the gadget is protected from high temperature. On top of that, using the mobile app you can set smart reminders which will go off if the pressure is higher than a certain threshold. Stay save with this gadget!

  • Solar power USB dual charging mode
  • real-time monitoring pressure and temperature
  • Support connection of smart rearview mirror and mobile APP “70mai”
  • For car, off-road vehicle, commercial vehicle, van, station wagon
  • Sensor parameters: Working voltage: 2 – 3.6V, Emission current: 1 – 6.6mA, Air pressure range: 0 – 8Bar, Working temperature: -40 – 125 Deg.C, Working frequency: 433MHz

Xiaomi 70mai Tire Pressure Monitor System
Dual Charging TPMS

Xiaomi 70mai Dual Charging TPMS Tire Pressure Monitor System

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