Proof Smart Bracelet Alcohol Tester

CES 2017 is filled with various kinds of innovations. While big companies introduce new smartphones or laptops, smaller brands also have peculiar products. One of them is a smart bracelet Proof which not only tracks activity level but detects blood alcohol level.

The device is fitted with a special bio-chemical sensor. Besides, Proof uses a patented data cartridge which lasts for about 12 hours of working. It monitors the alcohol level, contained in the blood of the user, and transmits this information to his smartphone or tablet. The device displays blood alcohol content to the whole blood volume. The bracelet is connected to mobile devices via Bluetooth, so the results are available immediately. Using the app, any iOS or Android smartphone user will have access to this important data.

Smart Bracelet

Moreover, Proof serves as a perfect reminder. With correct settings, the bracelet vibrates once the user reaches a certain alcohol level. This helpful feature helps not drink too much if there is anything planned for the next day. In addition, the smartphone app can decide if the user can drive after an especially long party last night.

Right now, manufacturers are planning to start a crowdfunding programme for Proof. This gadget has already attracted investments from U.S. National Institutes of Health. The approximate price of this device will be $100-150.