Smart Remote Control Boxing Robot Toy Best Deal

Children nowadays have more discerning taste once it regards their entertainment. Parents! Keep the screen away from your son unless you want to ruin the surprise! This Intelligent Boxing Robot will probably become one of his favorite toys. This RC Smart Boxing Robot Toy allows multiplayer interaction for parent-child relationship, which implies lots and lots of fun. It is quick and accurate, and the remote control system is not only easy, but also very well synchronized. Additionally, the smart robot is able to simulate boxing sounds, so, who knows, maybe your child will once become famous for playing Mozart on the robot.

Intelligent Remote Control Boxing Robot Toy

And do not worry about your vases – the robot is good enough to keep you entertained, but is definitely not large enough to break anything around. The intelligent toy is made of plastic, which means that it’s rather hard to break and easy to repair. Package contents 1 pcs each: Robot, Remote Control, Boxing Target, Paper Holder and Manual.


    • Multiplayer game
    • Stage game mode
    • Training mode
    • RC robot attack boxing target
    • Fast action and the reaction

Smart RC Boxing Robot Toy

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