Smart Body Scale with Android and iOS compatible App

In this review we will briefly describe an affordable and promising Android and iOS compatible App control Bluetooth Smart Body Scale with Digital LED Display. This gadget is one of the cheapest among similar ones. It also has wide range of weight means – kg, lb, st, and resists up to 180 kg (whereas most other scales max at 150 kg). The scales are made of polypropylene and tempered glass. Speaking of design, this line is made with classic black and white colors, and a bald neon pink in addition to choose.

What is unusual for most similar gadgets, the device has up to 8 users recognition. That allows you to add up to 8 users on the APP and recognize data separately. Such a feature would be useful for a family, gym trainers squad or college dorm neighbors.

Pink Body Fat Smart Scale

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The high accuracy sensor measures 8 parameters of your body: visceral fat, bone mass, BMI, weight, body water, muscle rate, basic metabolism, and fat ratio. After pairing your scale with the free OKOK app (iOS or Android) via Bluetooth, measured data will be synced and uploaded to your OKOK account automatically, you can check data on your smart device conveniently. As one can see, the unit is also promised to estimate basic metabolism rate, while this can be calculated using a simple formula.

Smart Body Scale Android iOS

Even that number isn’t exact, because the metabolism may vary due to hormonal changes, and the most accurate figure can be achieved by a laboratory test that analyses the air exhaled by the subject person. Simultaneously, visceral fat ratio is a very important health indicator, yet it is rather difficult to estimate. So, with given figures you can recognize and beat obesity, “skinny fat” condition, and even bloating and lymphatic swelling.

Given these points, the scales have several benefits – cheapness, multiple user recognition, high weighing capacity and bold design. Consider buying such an item if you care about the health of parents or kids, or if you want to introduce completely new criteria to your fitness routine.

Smart Body Scale with Digital LED display,
App monitoring (Android and iOS systems)

Android and iOS compatible App