Smart Blanket with Built-In Heating for Better Sleep

There’s nothing better rolling yourself in a warm blanket and falling asleep soundly. That’s why the start-up Radiance came up with a fantastic gadget. It’s called Radishine and it’s a smart heating-up blanket with Built-In Heating.

For heating, Radishine uses a special algorithm which gradually changes the temperature so that the user easily falls asleep and wakes up. Basically, this is kind of a heat therapy which helps you fall asleep quicker. The temperature and different modes for each person can be adjusted using the smartphone app.

Radishine Smart Blanket with Built-In Heating

The Radishine blanket can use a power bank or a smartphone charger as a power source. The heating elements use a SFIM technology – long wave infrared radiation with a heating composite material. Thanks to this, the blanket distributes heat evenly between two people. Also, Radiance promise protection from electric shock and fires.

Radishine has been successfully launched on Kickstarter – the project already raised enough money for mass production. For all interested, the smart blanket is available for pre-order for $102 or $257 for a full-sized bed.