Smart Blanket with Adjustable Temperature

The Canadian startup Smartduvet introduced a special lining that turns an ordinary blanket into a smart one allowing users to adjust the temperature in the bed during sleep. Plus, users won’t have to make the bed manually anymore – the blanket does it by itself. The fundraising campaign for this device, called Smartduvet Breeze, has been launched on Indiegogo.

Smartduvet Breeze is a lining with special air ducts. The lining is attached to the blanket and connected to a small air pump installed under the bed. With the help of this pump, the smart blanket can spread and cover the bed in the morning. In addition, a special mobile app will allow users of Smartduvet Breeze to set the desired temperature for each half of the bed. The app is also responsible for separate cooling or heating. This, according to the creators, will not only make sleeping more pleasant but also reduce electricity costs.

As for now, the creators of Smartduvet Breeze managed to collect over $132K. It’s possible to place a pre-order for smart blanket on Indiegogo and the first deliveries are scheduled for September.