Smart Bike With Integrated GPS Tracking for Safe Biking

Mission Bicycle Company launched a new smart bike called Lyra. Unlike other similar devices, like LeEco’s Android-powered bike, this is basically a regular bicycle with a few additional smart features.
Lyra isn’t fitted with any electric gear. The only thing that powers this bike is its owner riding it. Still, we wouldn’t call it smart for no reason. Firstly, the frame of Lyra has built-in lights which provide extreme, all-around visibility in case you’re driving on the road at night.
Smart Bike with Integrated

Secondly, Lyra has a GPS tracking system on board, for your safe biking. With the mobile App support (available for iOS and Android devices), you’ll be able to locate the bike anywhere. This could really help in case the bike gets stolen.
Thirdly, the whole “smart power” comes from a removable battery which is installed in a special hole on the handlebars. The battery can be recharged with a regular USB-cable from a laptop or PC because it’s fitted with a micro-USB port. What’s more, the battery works for a month before you have to recharge it again. Lyra is available for pre-order on Kickstarter.