Unique Smart Bag that Cleans Bacteria by UV Light

Every day, we see new gadgets appear on the market and our daily household items are becoming smart. For example, there is a new product on Kickstarter – a smart bag called Paqsule.

Its main feature is the ability to clean itself and everything that the user puts into it. Paqsule uses ultra-violet light and ozone in order to kill bacteria and eliminate bad odour. What’s more, according to the manufacturer, every process inside the bag is completely natural – the bacteria are caught in a special “trap” and terminated with ozone. Ultraviolet light is just an addition that helps the bag fight viruses.

Every cleaning cycle takes about 40 minutes. After that, ozone turns into oxygen which makes the smell pleasant. By the way, like many other smart devices, Paqsule comes with the accompanying app available for iOS and Android smartphones. It is used to control all operations.

As for other important features, the bag is fitted with a rechargeable battery (10.00 hours), water-resistant fabric and all sorts of pockets and straps. As a result, Paqsule becomes a versatile accessory for any activity: travelling, work or fitness.

Paqsule smart bag can be pre-ordered on kickstarter. The first shipments are planned for this summer.