Connect your Gadgets with iSmart Smart Bag

How about a smart bag? HiSmart is the Smart bag that will be connected with your gadgets and smartphone: both iPhone and Android. HiSmart is available now to buy online. The bag provides a lot of wonderful features. Imagine, you lost your phone in the bag. You just need to press on the button on the strap, your phone will signal you tipping you about its location.

Other option is wireless headset. Connect your headphones to the button on the strap and continue listening. Connecting with your phone, HiSmart gives you an opportunity to listen to music, record your own notices on dictaphone and also to make photos without your smartphone!

Smart Bag

Smart bag can remember your favourite café, cinema or car parking. Press on the button and mark the place on the map. All the options will be realized by one simple button on bag’s strap! HiSmart is made from waterproof material and the strap – from leather. There is 12 sections for different devices inside the bag. Beside all the excellent functions, HiSmar has perfect design, so it will be the best accessory for those, who enjoy elegance.