Smart and Functional Universal Apple Watch Charging Dock

In our modern era, when everyone is surrounded by multiple mobile devices, it may be quite complicated to sort out all chargers and charging cables. Sometimes, all your gadgets require different chargers and it can be confusing when you try to find the right one. But what if there were some kind of a charging station which could power up multiple devices at once? If that’s what you’re looking for, then you should definitely check out Satechi Smart Charging Stand.
This Smart and Functional Universal Apple Watch Charging Dock from Satechi is a great addition to the decor of your house. Basically, it’s a rather compact cubical device which packs numerous charging abilities. The first source of power on this stand is its top side. It’s serves as a charging platform for Apple Watch, FitBit Blaze or your smartphone. By the way, manufacturers provide you with three included adapters, each one for a different device. So, when you need to boost up your Apple Watch or smartphone, just pick a suitable adapter, install it and plug your device into it.
Smart and Functional Charging Dock

Apart from that, Satechi Stand is fitted with 3 additional USB-ports for charging any USB-compatible products. The stand is able to efficiently charge 4 various devices simultaneously. Even when the top side is taken by Apple Watch, you’ll still be able to charge your tablet or smartphone. The stand also has a nice organizational feature – underneath the top side there is a special place for your small accessories, like flash drives, card readers or cables. That way, all your necessary gadgets and accessories will be in one place within your reach.
To sum it up, Satechi Charging Stand was definitely designed with maximum convenience in mind. This accessory gives you multiple charging opportunities even if you have a few mobile devices.