Smart Air Quality Monitor with Speakers

Starting with the design, we can say that it is executed qualitatively and looks like a natural product. Great for any interior, as it is interesting and attractive. With special free applications on iOS and Android OS smartphones, you can set the device any way that you want, with many different features.
iBaby AirSense Smart Air Quality Monitor

iBaby AirSense Smart Air Quality Monitor + Speakers
Two-way audio Monitoring system, App control

The built-in two-way audio speakers can be used as an audio monitor, playing music tracks or for playing your voice recording. The app also allows you to do all that, and even control the light of the monitor, where there are plenty different varieties.
The most important and main functionality of iBaby AirSense Smart Air Quality Monitor is the rapid and accurate detection of harmful particles and impurities in the air. Special sensors can detect harmful VOC (Volatile organic compounds) elements, such as carbon monoxide, benzene compounds, methane, alcohol, formaldehydes and other harmful elements. You can easily and quickly explore the surrounding air and make the necessary decisions.
Also, the device can ionize the air, ensuring its freshness and purity. It is important to remember that without additional devices for cleaning air with HEPA filters, eliminating harmful substances and bacteria will not be effective enough. Using additional sensors, you can monitor temperature, humidity and loud sounds. All data will be sent immediately to your smartphone. The dimensions of the iBaby AirSense Smart Air Quality Monitor are 16.50 x 9.50 x 16.50 cm with a weight of 200 grams. The kit itself consists of the iBaby Air purifier, a Quick Start Guide, Power Adapter, and a travel pouch.
iBaby AirSense Smart Air Quality Monitor is a great item for families with children and not only. It has many different features to offer! Price of it is also affordable!