Revl Arc Smart Action Camera with Full Video Stabilization

When we talk about action cameras, one brand name comes to mind instantly – GoPro. These devices have everything for a travelling video enthusiast. Whether you’re surfing, paragliding or climbing on top of the mountain, your action camera will capture the best moments in the best quality.
However, aside from GoPro, what other options do we have? A lot, actually, but not many can really be compared with GoPro. Among those that can, there are some fantastic devices and one of them is Revl Arc.

This action camera is positioned is the world’s smartest device in its category. And in some aspects, Revl Arc beats even GoPro. Firstly, it might be the lightest action camera available.
With 170g of weight and compact dimensions, Revl Arc is an ideal companion for any traveler. Plus, it’s protected with water-resistant rubber which also provides grip for the craziest adventures.

Smart Action Camera

Secondly, this is the only camera on the market that uses both electronic and physical stabilization. As a result, your videos turn out to be as smooth and clear as possible. There is no shakiness whatsoever during any activity, even snowboarding, skiing or surfing. As for the sensor’s characteristics, everything conforms to the highest levels. A 12 MP image sensor with a 150-degree viewing angle is accompanied with 4K video rec ording support.

Thirdly, Revl Arc has a lot of built-in sensors: a gyroscope, an accelerometer, GPS, altimeter and magnetometer. In the company smartphone app (available for iOS and Android), all these sensors can pinpoint your best videos. After that, it’s easier to find them and share with your friends. And also, Revl Arc is equipped with a Bluetooth heart rate monitor just in case.

So, if you think that GoPro isn’t for you or you’re looking for a cheaper variant, Revl Arc is a really decent alternative. Packed with many helpful feature, this action camera will add even more action to your travels. Available on INDIEGOGO.