GeniCan Smart Home Gadget for Garbage Cans

Considering that almost every household item is getting smart, we’ll soon be surrounded with innovative technologies even in our houses. There is even an accessory which makes throwing away garbage a little more fun and much more helpful.

This new Smart Home Gadget called GeniCan and it transforms any trash can into an intelligent device. The accessory needs to be attached to a trash can. Then, it connects wirelessly to a smartphone, like any gadget of this, “smart” kind. GeniCan serves as a bar-code reader, only it does it with used products. Every item that the user throws away is added to the virtual shopping list. That way, the user will never forget what he needs doing groceries. This list is obviously displayed in the special app, available for iOS and Android mobile devices. The app itself can be used for adding necessary products or scanning bar-codes.

Of course, throwing away trash will be more careful. Before dropping anything in to the trash can, the user will need to put the item next to the GeniCan, so that it could scan the barcode. Only after that, the product is added to the shopping list. Products without bar-codes isn’t a problem – they can be added to the list with a voice command. So, the user decides for himself what he wants and doesn’t want to buy later. Besides, GeniCan is able to order products by itself – it uses Dash Replenishment Service from Amazon.

Smart Accessory for Garbage Cans