Powerful Smart Remote Control 4-Wheel Electric Skateboard

Different skateboards have been popular for years among boys and girls of all ages. They are enjoyed as a form of transportation, pleasure riding at different skate parks and much more. Of course, skateboards are also advancing in technology and in the recent years, various companies have been releasing electric ones. Surely, Xiaomi is not behind, and has released one of its own. In this review, let’s observe all features of the Xiaomi ACTON NXT-33001 Powerful 500W Smart Remote Control 4-Wheel Electric Skateboard.

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This skateboard has a very trendy design, with bright but neutral color combination. In size, it is 700 X 200 X 135 mm with a weight of just 5.0 kg. The maximum load onto the skateboard is 100 kg, which is enough for most people. The Xiaomi skateboard body is made out of aluminum alloy body, with seven layers of Canadian maple wood. This makes it not only durable, but provides with great heat dissipation as well. On the bottom, you can find a group of LED lights, that are ideal for night time riding and makes It much more safer for you and those that are around you.


  • Powerful 500W motor
  • max speed 22km/h
  • max 15 degree gradient
  • 80Wh Li-ion battery (included)
  • Remote control
  • 83mm solid polyurethane wheels, for different grounds
  • Detachable battery
  • Aluminum alloy frame and maple board material for max 100kg payload
  • Suitable for any age
  • Remote control: 250mAh Li-ion battery ( included in the product )
  • Input voltage: 100 – 240V

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The Xiaomi ACTON smart electric skateboard has a 500W rated power, and is made to provide with about 12 km cruising range. It also has a 15% maximum climb rate to conquer different hills and elevated surfaces. This skateboard is also made to reach a speed of up to 22 km/h, which is rather fast to be honest. The battery installed with a 42V, and 2A charger current is made to charge in just 1 hour for plenty of usage time. A wireless remote control is also offered, that allows the user to accelerate and stop the skateboard, as well as make it move on its own. It can easily be attached to an app on your mobile device, to track the amount of usage, charging and battery status.

The Xiaomi ACTON NXT-33001 Model Smart Electric Skateboard will be fun for all who use it. It is tough and safe, as well as fast and amusing. The price of it is now the best on the market, which is an additional reason to take a look at it.

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