Smart 3D Glowing Print Right in Your Home!

We would like to introduce a very unique form of art, that will serve as an amazing décor for your home. One can pick what material they want, whether it is canvas, fine art paper, or custom, and then decide how many and what kind of art they want. Once that is done, the user chooses one from the different presented designs that are available using the integrated backer kit survey. Each artwork comes with several different fact about it, a backstory and what it all represents. If one purchases it, they will also be provided with an authenticity certificate, detailed booklet, and information on how to properly frame it.

Smart 3D Glowing Print

These pieces of art, are made with some of the newest and thought through technology, that uses a 3D glow print. With that being said, one can actually feel the strokes of the paint. Colors that are used for these pieces are bright, glowing and strong. The glow is made to last for up to 8 hours in the dark!

Since all of these pieces of art are made individually, they are all limited edition, have a signature in graphite, are uniquely numbered, made with archival grade color, printed on 100% cotton paper and canvas, have a border for framing, and come in standard sizes.

If you choose a long print, the size of it will be 33 cm x 78.5 cm, rectangular prints are 59 cm x 42 cm, and square prints are 55.5 cm by 55.5 cm. However, one can also choose extra large prints, where long ones will be 139.5 cm x 55.5 cm, rectangular will be 115.5 cm x 86 cm and square prints will be 96.5 cm x 96.5 cm. Make sure to bring your attention to this project that is available on the kickstarter platform (picture source), if you are one that is interested in a unique and Smart 3D amazing piece of art work Glowing right in your Home.