Small Tires Smart Folding Electric Bicycle Specs, Discount

Riding a bike is simply the ideal thing ever, so of course you would like to do it all winter long. Generally, the scooter ought to be selected depending on several things including its size, usage in addition to the person’s lifestyle. Folding bikes are increasingly getting more and more famous today. Most folding bikes are like typical or conventional bikes concerning security, quality and endurance. With Rcharlance Smart Folding Electric Bicycle you can keep a bicycle in your car as it’s foldable as it doesn’t take up lots of space in your vehicle!

You are able to say that there’s practically one folding bicycle to fulfill every need. Rcharlance Smart Folding Electric Bicycle is the best way to get to your destination without getting too tired and traffic jams. The maximum speed in the fully electrical mode is 25km/h. 4.4Ah 36V Li-ion battery provides the 15-20 mileage in fully electrical mode and up to 35 mileage in the mopped mode (needless to mention that the mileage is not limited in the pedal mode).

Smart Folding Electric Bicycle Specs, Discount

The bicycle is designed in a way that it can be folded and carried without any difficulties. The height of the saddle is adjustable, so it can fit any user. Durable aluminum alloy shell can carry a maximum weight of 120kg. The bicycle is equipped with LED lights for safe night rides. Finally, the inflatable rubber tire is suitable to use on any surface ensuring smooth ride.


    • 250W motor
    • 25km/h speed
    • max 15 degree gradient
    • 4.4Ah 36V Li-ion battery
    • pure electric mode: max 15 – 20km mileage
    • moped mode: 25 – 35km mileage
    • 12 inch inflatable rubber tire, suitable for biking in different grounds
    • Pedal mode, moped mode, and pure electric mode
    • LED front light
    • Aluminum alloy shell

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