New Smallest Gadget for Displaying Holograms

In various sci-fi movies we often see holograms. Scientists suggest that in the nearest future this technology will finally be realized. Unfortunately, there was no significant development in this sphere in the last years. The main problem is that all gadgets that project holograms are enormous. Plus, creating such images requires plenty of computational resources and extreme precision when working with light. However, recent news gives us hope.

The situation may change due to the device designed by scientists from Australian National University. It is a small gadget that creates holographic images. It is only 0.75mm long and projects holograms upon the laser light with the certain wave length (1360-1650nm). The holograms themselves are usually 5mm long located 10mm above the device.

The working principle is based on more than a million of tiny silicon “pillars” with various heights. They are placed on distance (750nm) between one another. The structure looks almost translucent – when light goes through it, it doesn’t lose much energy but allows the device to do certain operations with it. The gadget controls holograms with its own magnetic and electrical fields.

According to creators of this device, holography researching is very promising. Using this technology, people could make optical data storage devices, super-thin lenses and other optical equipment. This miniature projector is only the first step to greater things.