Best Selling Slow Juicer with Big Feeding Chute

It’s very likely that one of your new year resolutions was to go greener in 2018, or maybe you’ve been in a need of a good gadget to help incorporate even more greens into your diet. If so, consider purchasing an innovation juicer that we would put apart in today review – Best Selling Slow Juicer with Big Feeding Chute.

Slow Juicer with Big Feeding Chute

Best Selling Slow Juicer with Big Feeding Chute

It is known that raw fruit and vegetables are very good for your health. Though, few people know that the speed of juicing can slightly impact the quality of the product, changing the amount of nutrients, vitamins, taste, and even enzymes content. This brand proposes wide feed chute slow juicer for juicing whole fruits, as well as vegetables, leafy greens, and wheatgrass. Good news for vegans – this machine also breaks down nuts and even soy beans, so that you can cook nut or soy milk. Due to low speed and cold pressing mechanism, you get better ground produce with more goodness released and not ruined with high temperature or oxidation. The fact there is no need to cut each piece of fruit religiously greatly saves you time. Another positive feature is the low noise level. It is promised to stay within 30-35 DB range, that is considered to be medium range.

Juicer with Big Feeding Chute

Before putting this juicer to use, do note that it’s highly recommended not to run it more than 30 min continuously. In comparison to other juicers, this might not over-perform others, but stays in line with most middle-class devices. The juicer works at 50/60Hz frequency, consuming 150W power. Speaking of the design, the latter is rather plain, combining red and black colors with metal core. Honestly saying, these won’t fit your taste if you are about elaborate luxurious kitchenware or minimalist monochrome hi-tech.

In conclusion, consider buying this wide chute juicer in case your time and the quality of products you consume are a priority. In addition, enjoy a rather affordable price and silent work of the gadget.

Big Feeding Chute Juicer