Try Out The Best Simple YouTube Video to MP3 Converter

Have you just watched an awe-inspiring YouTube video? Do you want to save it to be able to watch it offline later? Or did you listen to a great song and you would like to have it on your smartphone as a sound track? In case you answered ‘yes’ to any of the questions, good news – it is extremely easy with SaveFromNet.

Let’s start with an easier part: how to download a YouTube video to save it locally. Firstly, you need to go to SaveFromNet. Then, copy the YouTube Link to the video you would like to save and paste it into the special window on the website. It is right in the middle, and we are totally sure that you will not miss it.  Having pasted the link, you can then press the ‘download as an mp4’ button. Voila! The video will be there, on your computer, in a couple of seconds.

Best YouTube Video to MP3 Converter

However, this method would only allow you to save a video. What if you want to download a song? SaveFromNet is also an effective YouTube to MP3 converter. This convertor has a very handy extension called Ummy. So, firstly, you would need to download this add-on. You can get Ummy converter from the SaveFromNet. Having done that, you need to repeat simple steps that we outlined earlier in the article and download an mp4 version of the video.

By the way, the same steps can be done through Ummy Downloader, a different extension. So, choose yourself which method you prefer. It is just a piece of cake. Ok, do you have both the video as an mp4 and the Ummy converter downloaded? Super, you are ready for the second step. First and foremost, open the Ummy Downloader on your computer, otherwise, the wonder will not happen. Then, drag the video which you just downloaded and drop it into the YouTube to MP3 converter. And wait for it! The conversion can take up some time, depending on the video length. But usually, it is super swift and is no longer than several seconds.

Easy, right? Using this simple way, you would always be able to get your favorite music and videos in very good quality. SaveFromNet will be able to make your free time even more enjoyable as you will always have access to the best music and soundtracks offline.